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About OrthoPedics Quick Review

OrthoPedics Quick Review (OPQR) is much in demand and is the Best Selling book of Orthopedics for PG Preparation in the whole of South East Asia and is fast gaining recognition in other countries across the globe. Nationally and Internationally appreciated, OPQR is now being adopted by all PG Institutes as the No. 1 book to read for Orthopedics.

OPQR is a demand based supply and is channelized according to student needs communicated to me during my teaching classes. In OPQR, each chapter sequence is according to the importance of topics in entrance exams and is very well explained with the help of neat diagrams and clear images, followed by flow charts and mnemonics to further help understand the concepts. At the end of each topic all the questions asked in all major Entrance Exams (AIPG/AIIMS/ PGI/DNB/JIPMER and Different State Exams) have been arranged from recent to backwards (i.e. from Jan 2016 backwards) . The last chapter, Summary of Orthopedics is for quick revision in last 3 weeks just before the exams. This chapter also includes controversial and doubtful questions that have been frequently asked by the students.

The success of OPQR goes to the all the Toppers who have achieved great ranks and owe their success to this book. They are the ones who strongly recommend reading OPQR, being the most authentic, concise, comprehensive and easily retainable book available in the market. (Read Topper’s Reviews on the Back Page).

"Summary of Orthopedics", the last chapter of OPQR, is another reason why students appreciate this book, as the summary helps them to revise the whole of Orthopedics in just FIVE HOURS.

The success of OPQR is further enhanced when students writing the entrance exams claim that most of the questions asked in their exams came directly from the content of the book.

OPQR rests its fundamental principle on the idea of providing the students with a complete book which is not just easy to read and understand, but at the same time helps to retain and memorize in just FIVE Days, with a target of 60 pages per day and that should complete it in FIVE Days...which is the least possible time....!!!

Because of all the above reasons, OPQR has been named as “The Magic Book of Orthopedics” by the students.

“Why to read OPQR”

  • Concept based, concise & highly authentic complete book.
  • Covers entire Ortho in just FIVE days (i.e. Sixty pages per day) with the help of images, mnemonics, flowcharts & tables.
  • Book concludes with Summary Of Orthopedics.
  • Controversial & difficult questions frequently asked by students to be read just before the exam
  • Orthopedics is a rank deciding subject & OPQR fulfills all your needs.
  • Toppers read OPQR & further recommend to read it.
  • Doctors & Surgeons across the globe also read & recommend this book.

OPQR 2016—Fourth Edition

Biggest strength is in its simplicity and concepts.

∙ It is more concise more compact and more comprehensive for easy understanding.

∙ It has more illustrated diagrams and new images for better retention.

∙ It includes new flow charts and new mnemonics for easier recall during examinations.

∙ It has new topics added (As per the latest guidelines and trends in exams).

Book Information :

9789352709311, 9352709314
Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers

Apurv Mehra

Paper Back
8.5" X 11"
Apurv Mehra

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Apurv Mehera Orthopaedics Quick Review (OPQR)

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